iMessage Waiting for Activation: 5 Ways To Fix iPhone iMessage Wait For Activation Error

iMessage Waiting for Activation: 5 Ways To Fix iPhone iMessage Wait For Activation Error – Many of you might have faced the issue of iMessage Waiting for Activation on your iOS devices, especially on iOS 9 or 8.x or on the iPhone. It is quite a confusing task to activate iMessage on the device. While doing it, sometimes it shows iMessage Waiting for Activation. This can be annoying and you may end up in chaos as to how to fix the same. You cannot simply go ahead and fix the activation error when your iDevice or iPhone shows iMessage Waiting for Activation. Before starting with fixing the issue, you have to check the below factors and fix these issues prior to fixing iMessage Waiting for Activation.

iMessage Waiting for Activation

iMessage Waiting for Activation: 5 Ways To Fix iPhone iMessage Wait For Activation Error

  • In your iPhone app, you are supposed to add and list your number. If done so, in your contact list, your number will be shown as “my number”. If you have not done this, You have to go to settings-Phone-My number and add your number there.
  • Also, ensure that your iPhone date and time is correct. The better way is to set it automatically to avoid issues like this. Both your iPhone time and date to be correct so that to a larger extent you can avoid issues like “iMessage Waiting for Activation”.
  • Checking your network settings is a better idea. You have to see if your Wi-Fi is working fine and there are no network issues. At times, network connectivity issues can cause iMessage activation error. Ensure that you have the required amount to send any international messages.

Now let’s see what are the ways to fix the issue of iMessage Waiting for Activation

Check with your carrier

Better you see any other aspect, it is essential to know if your carrier supports sending iMessage. To know about this feature, you can contact the customer care to check any condition that is blocking iMessage facility in your iPhone and showing iMessage Waiting for Activation

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Airplane mode

Another main feature is to check whether your mobile is in Airplane mode. If your phone is in Airplane mode, then there are possibilities that it will show iMessage activation error. Here are some steps to change from airplane mode.

  • Go to settings and tap on messages. Id iMessage is turned on, you need to turn off it. Here, you have to deactivate FaceTime.
  • If an airplane mode is on, then it will automatically prevent the mobile network to your phone. So, you need to check your Wi-Fi settings and turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Go to messages and see if the iMessage is turned on, if not, turn it on.
  • If you have not added your Apple ID, you have to add it. By giving your Apple Id, all notifications will be sent to your iPhone and you will be aware of issues if any.
  • Now go to Airplane mode and turn it off
  • Sometimes a notification box will pop up –“ Your carrier may charge for SMS’ give Ok for it.
  • If that doesn’t work, you have to go to messages and tap in iMessage to turn in off and then turn on one more time.
  • Now your iMessage will be activated within a couple of minutes.

Resetting your router

If your iPhone is showing iMessage Waiting for Activation, you can also check for your router and reset the same. If you feel there is any issue with your router or Wi-Fi, you can turn it off and wait for 10 minutes to turn it on. This will again connect your network and will make iMessage is activated on your phone.

Sign in and Out of Apple Id

You can try this one also. First, you need to go to settings and tap on messages-Send and Receive. Then you need to tap on your Apple Id. Now, sign out from your Apple Id. Once again sign in by clicking “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”. Give your ID and this can solve the issue iMessage Waiting for Activation”.

Reset privacy settings and location

In order to do this, go to settings and tap on Reset Location and Privacy. You have to give your password there and then go ahead with the instructions. This is also a solution to iMessage Waiting for Activation”.

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