How to Change Name in TrueCaller App?

Change Name in TrueCaller App: TrueCaller is an Android app that allows its users to know the name of the unknown caller. It helps its users to stay away from spam callers. When you register yourself in TrueCaller, you need to provide you name and phone number. You phone number is verified before they register you successfully as its users. It is a wonderful app that will help you in your everyday life. The app not only runs on Android devices but also in many other OS. From a very long time, I have been asked how can you change your name TrueCaller and well, now is the time when I will answer you, how you can change your name in the TrueCaller app. But before knowing that it is very important for you to understand the working of the app. So, let us start by gaining that information first.

How to Change Name in TrueCaller App?

How Does TrueCaller Works?

You must be wondering, how TrueCaller does works. Well, I will tell you about it. When you download and install TrueCaller in your app, it asks you to register yourself in their directory by providing your name and mobile number. Similarly, the app is also able to collect information from a number of other social media sites like Facebook. TrueCaller uses crowd sourced information to help its users. And that is how it works in big countries including India. Though it doesn’t violate your privacy, it does check your contact list to create their registry. And this how it has in its grip more than 1.5 billion contact lists.

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How You Can Change Your Name In TrueCaller Data Base?

TrueCaller is loved by many because it allows you to identify a caller of an unknown number. If you are reading this article, then I know that you want to change your name. The possible reason behind this might be you now want to hide. Well, if that is your motive I will help you in it. You can change your name in the database of TrueCaller. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to TrueCaller Name Suggestion page. (Click here)

Step 2: You will see many fields, and this will also include first name and last name. But before changing it directly, go to the field that says Phone Number. Enter your mobile number along with your nation code and after that change your first name and last name in the list.

Step 3: Before making the final change, you will be required to enter the captcha shown. Once you enter it, click on ‘Verify.’

TrueCaller might take up to seven days to make the change. You can check whether the change has been made or not after this particular time frame.

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Search for your mobile number after seven days, and you will see that you name has been changed. If you are still facing any problem, you can jot down your problem in the comment section below and we will try to help you. If you know about any other ways to change the name in TrueCaller, share the method with us as it can be share with needy ones. Share the post with your friends who are looking for a way to change their name in TrueCaller.

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