How to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone: This is modern mobile’s worlds. Stole a mobile phone is now very common for anyone. A common man do many things in a day, he can’t remember where he put his phone, so loosing mobile phone is being common. So Track your mobile phone’s location , where is  that in current time and get your phone back. you can locate your stolen mobile phone with it’s imei number easily with below steps.

How to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

What is IMEI Number

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15- or 17-digit code which is very unique and identifies mobile phone sets and locate it. Every phone has it’s own imei number which can not be matched with other phone’s IMEI Numbers.

IMEI Can also be Caller Serial Number of a Phone in some cases.

Where can i locate my phone’s IMEI Number

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You can find your mobile’s imei number at back side of your mobile phone or at your mobile’s battery. This is a way to find your mobile’s IMEI number without use it.

Locate IMEI Number via USSD Code

  • There is a USSD Code available for find your phone’s IMEI Number. All phone’s IMEI numbers can be find via same USSD Code, no matter mobile’s OS is java, windows, or Android you just need to dial a USSD Code for find IMEI of your phone
  • Just open your phone’s dialer and Dial Below USSD Code
  • USSD  – *#06#
  • Now it will show you USSD Code of your mobile phone, this will be helpful to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone.

How to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

How to find your Mobile’s IMEI Number if you have not Access of your phone.

Find out your bill of your phone, you will get your phone’s IMEI Number at Copy of your Bill easily, if you lost the bill then you need a Dublicate copy of your mobile’s bill from where you was bought the Phone.

How to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

  • At First Register a complaint/FIR at your Nearest police station, Mention your Phone’s IMEI Number is the Report.
  • Then take a copy of your FIR then Submit it to your Service provider with Imei number.
  • Next step is to block your Sims from your Service Providers.
  • After that they will start locating your mobile phone, after your phone turn on Service providers will locate your phone and track it. then they will give info to police station and you will get your Phone back.

Locate your Android Mobile phone with Gmail Account

Yes, it’s possible to locate your mobile phone with gmail account which you have logged in into the phone. If you are a android user then i am sure you have logged in at least one gmail in your mobile phone for Download apps from play store. So now you have your gmail account logged in into your phone and helps you to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone.

Now just Submit a complaint to Google team with your all information, they will locate your mobile phone and give you exact location of your mobile phone number.

How to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

Final Words

Locating your mobile phone with IMEI number is a long process and you need patience for it. It’s service providers work to tracing location and police’s work to get your phone get back to you. If you haven’t blocked your sims after you lost your sim then it may cause problems for you, like if third person start creating prank calls from your phone then you are in a big risk. so after you loosed your phone then at first Submit FIR, Block your Sime, Submit FIR to your Service providers. and Don’t be panic. you need patience. Comment below if you have any suggestions or questions regarding this information of Tracing mobile phone from IMEI number.

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